mind flits

an apple a day….

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It’s been an extremely busy last couple of days and now mom announces she’s coming over for a 4 day visit. Bathroom’s mildewy and all corners are cobwebby. Visible floor area is clean thanks to the roomba but knowing mom, she’s gonna check under the sofa and find my housekeeping wanting 😀

After 2 days at the annual O&G conference, I am more than ready to settle back into my normal office routine. Boy am I pooped from smiling all day long. Getting an 80GB external HDD for my presentation and winning a model fire truck (!) at the lucky draw was fun but ughhhh…. if I have to explain one more time all the different departments we have, I will go bonkers. People person I’m not. Hehe.

But ohhh…getting to ride the Segway was funnnnnnn.



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2 responses to “mind flits

  1. nuaqe

    E on a Segway. Ihave to see that. And how lucky can you get…envy you!!!

  2. thegrouch

    Hehehe…it was so fun! Petronas had a booth next to ours see, and they brought the Segway.
    Now I want one! 😀

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