poop! fish poop!

poop! fish poop!

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Everytime I come back from the orderly, clean and well-oiled machine that is Singapore, KL’s insane chaos is just a bit more harder to swallow.

After being stuck in traffic for 2 hours coz a couple of nitwits can’t coordinate themselves and traffic despite having walkie talkies, I dream of a public transport system that runs as well as our southern neighbour’s do.

And Taco Bell.



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6 responses to “poop! fish poop!

  1. what is it about people going to singapore and raving about taco bell?!

    okay technically you’re not raving, but it’s one of those things you slip in like an afterthought but really, that’s all you’ve been thinking about.

    Taco bell sucks.

  2. thegrouch

    i love taco bell for its tacos and burritos. and why not? crisp shell, shredded lettuce, cheese and sour cream. my only complaint is the chicken bits they use. minced beef would have been better or even minced chicken.

    you tell me where i can get good, cheap tacos here in KL and i promise i wont send another email to KFC asking them to open a taco bell franchise here.

  3. linn

    Tempat lain okay + good but when balik to KL & get stuck in a traffic jam that lasts more than 2 hours (yesterday morning at Federal), I cried :(( Sakit hati!

    Every single day whenever I take bus to work, I wish our LRT/buses is superduper convenient like Singapore’s *sigh* one day! one day!

  4. nuaqe

    “Me gusta la El Pollo asado!”

    Know what! I think the “gomen” wanted us to buy more cars and generate the economy to make the country looks good and the people think they’ve got it made and it’s all a conspiracy and in the end we can’t always get what we want and ….

  5. thegrouch

    Nuaqe, bingo.

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