i’ll be your mirror

MC and I celebrated my birthday a day early as we thought Saturday would be too busy for our traditional meals and couch potato-ing. So on Friday night we headed off to Pavilion and had dinner at Yo! Sushi. It wasn’t bad, a bit on the pricey side compared to Sakae Sushi, but the food made up for it. The Tous counter at Parkson didn’t have the bauble I wanted so we went to Speedy instead and I guilt-tripped MC into getting me my first ever exercise video. I now have a grand collection of TWO exercise videos, the first one swiped from mom during my last vacation. Haha.

After a simple brekkie, we watched DVDs before heading off for my birthday lunch at our favourite kari kepala ikan place at Lucky Garden. As we were half way through our meal we noticed a clean but shabby beggar asking for money from one table to the next. He looked like a decent guy so MC and I decided to buy him lunch instead of handing him over cash. It was then we found out he had a speech disability and communicated mostly via hand signals. As we were trying to convey to him to sit down and shae our lunch he suddenly made a move like he was gonna grab my half-eaten fried chicken and curry-soaked rice. I almost shrieked, “No! No! Not my chickeeeennnnnnn!”, but apparently he was just making sure we meant our invitation. We asked one of the nice uncles at the stall to get him a plate of what we were having but there were no more chicken and sotong goreng to be had so the poor guy had to be content with fried fish and 1 of our sotongs. We didn’t know how to ask him what he wanted to drink. We took a gamble and ordered teh-O-ais limau. He drank the whole glass in one gulp and we hurriedly gave him our extra glass of limau ais. Thirst quenched, he began to eat as fast as he could, holding the cutlery in such an awkward way that it was amazing any rice reached his mouth. The fish he kept aside and I was afraid he was allergic to it or something but MC observed he gulped down the sotong so I guess it was ok. I think it was at this point that I started tearing up and had to concentrate on finishing my now tasteless chicken. Every few mouthfuls, he would look up and smile at MC and I, making it even harder not to blubber right there and then. We noticed a few other stall patrons looking at us in distaste which really surprised me. Here was a guy you were ok with giving loose change to but wouldn’t deign to share tables with? Unfortunately MC had a gig which he had to rush off to and I had to go to HUKM to visit a family friend so we didn’t get to see him finish his meal. We said our goodbyes, he gave us small bows and a huge grin. As we drove past the stall 5 minutes later, we saw him picking at the fish 🙂

I hope we made the guy happy, even if just for a little while. What he will never know is he gave MC and I a memory we will forever cherish. It sounds self-glorifying and even smug but because of that guy I will never ever forget my 29th birthday. Not because I think we did a good deed, but more importantly, that guy lifted the blue funk that has been around me for ages. I am reminded that it isn’t only about bank balances, annual targets and grand gestures. Sometimes a plate of fish curry-soaked rice and a fried fish will do just as well.



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2 responses to “i’ll be your mirror

  1. nuaqe

    You Good Samaritan,you!

  2. thegrouch

    not quite, nuaqe. i made MC pay 😉

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