then i would be a lot nicer

I don’t know how I came to love antiques, retro stuff and vintage thingies. Maybe it comes from being a hoarder, but even at an early age I liked these things. I remember LOVING the time my aunt gave me a bowl haircut. I thought I looked exactly like a Beatle. At age 6, I was more likely to be dancing to CCR and Huey Lewis & The News than to Janet Jackson. Now I also like gadgets and shiny minimalistic thingamajigs but that’s psychoanalysis for another day. Or maybe not.

so many yet to get

When I could first afford to indulge my love of gadgets, I got myself a PDA. I truly, honestly believed it would change my life (I still think this way with each new gadget purchase). It’d make me more organised. I’d have the contact details of everyone at my fingertips. So it was a shock to realise that I regularly left it at home or at the office without a thought, but would go almost insane with anality if I forgot my notebook or organiser. I derived so much joy from seeing the pages of my Moleskine notebook with lists of books to get or albums and groceries to buy. It gave me a sense of fulfillment when I wrote down my list of things to do in my daily planner. Slowly but surely I phased my Zire72 out of my life and it now lives a lonely, dusty existence in my desk drawer next to the minyak gamat Lil got me in 2004. Meanwhile I have degenerated into colouring the headings of each new entry in my Moleskine with crayons.

crayon in blue

On to a bit of a whinge. The office isn’t giving out any planners this year so I’ve had to look for replacement fillers for my daily planner. It’s not as easy as I thought it would be. The ones sold in bookshops are crap and have the worst layout. The ones sold online costs an arm and leg. I could buy a new planner altogether and save myself the grief but I actually LIKE the one I have. Plus, waste not want not as they say. I’ve resorted to filling up post-its with notes and lists and sticking them on the page for December 31st. Sigh. 

31st december 2007


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5 responses to “then i would be a lot nicer

  1. Linn

    I’m looking for one but haven’t found one 😦
    Nothing fancy but yes, the ones in the bookstore sungguh lah tak best.

  2. manicmolly

    Nice handwriting, chicka

  3. the grouch

    linn: tulah. i finally found acceptable ones at MPH BV2.

    chloe: thanks, love. see you next week! 😀

  4. nuaqe


    You can have my ’08 WesternGeco planner if you want…

  5. thegrouch

    awwwww…. that’s really, really nice of you, nuaqe 🙂
    i finally found some OK refills so it’s ok. thanks again!!

    happy new year, btw!

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