twisted tummy

Here I am already breaking my new rule of no blogging at work. Oh well.

Although I hate xmas (not the holiday itself, but the whole family gathering experience), the days after it till my birthday has always been exciting. MC says it’s just because I’m calculating how to get more prezzies out of him, but it’s not that at all. There’s something to be said about new beginnings and knowing that 1979 is one more year in the past. You can turn over a new leaf any day of the year but making resolutions within those 12 days sure seem extra special. LOL. I’m a nutjob.

TechBoss#1 got me a huge bag of jellybeans when he went back for xmas. 41 different flavours! Maybe I’ll line ’em all up in a row and eat one of each. Y’know, for comparison purposes 😀


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