signed sealed delivered

Early birthday prez. 

We ushered in the new year  at Aunty Nat’s with sambal belacan fried rice for Stinky (henceforth known as MC. Long story) and thai fried rice for me. Then it was home to the critters and watching Eragon on DVD (what a disappointment, the book was much much better). As usual, I was beset by all the superstitious stories I’ve heard throughout the years regarding what to do or not to do in the waning hours of the year. Should I sweep or not sweep the house? Should I have any money in my pockets? Should I go wash my face as the clock strikes 12? LOL. In the end we just continued with our DVD watching.

We did however make it a point to eat well for our first meal of the New Year. Went to Marmalade at BV2 and had a long, scrumptious brunch. Did the groceries afterwards while MC did his best to persuade me that the mistakenly-priced (some poor employee tagged it RM50 less than it should be) Beatles Anthology 2 and 3 album in BV1 would make good birthday prezzies for me. I bought them myself, effectively denying him an easy way out. Haha.

Anyway, taking into account my healthy eating target, I got a packet of flaxseed at the supermarket. It looks exactly like sesame seeds and quite unobtrusive so MC hasn’t noticed that I’ve been sneaking them into the meals I’ve prepared. He did however notice that the chilled cucumber salad had sunflower seeds in them.

“Apa ni? Kuaci?”

Not just any kuaci, hombre. I roasted them myself 😀


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