don we now our gay apparel

abandoned home

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Happy New Year.
Reminder to self: be good or karma will bite you on the ass.



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2 responses to “don we now our gay apparel

  1. Linn

    That’s the reminder I give out to people esp. in emails but with capital letters 😀

    If you upload pics from Flickr, it will turn small. So how do make the picture bigger? Upload on wordpress? :-/

    My 2008 resolutions lebih dan kurang like yours; from number 1 to 3. We’re not fat but big bones (try not to eat nasi for 1 week & eat less junk – can see the different), save more money to pursue number 3 which is travel outside Malaysia alone.

    Hope it will work 😀

    Happy New Year 2008!!!

  2. thegrouch

    hiya linn! happy new year!

    there’s an option in flickr regarding picture size. i think it’s in the ‘extras’ option.

    i’m not big-boned 😦 i really am fat, but yeah, let’s eat less junk! 😀

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