used to believe in a lot more


I normally don’t bother with making resolutions for the new year, but something feels right about giving it a go this time around. Here goes in no particular order, thegrouch’s targets for 2008. 

speedy gonzales

I huff and I puff….

screaming peacocks

You don’t give me a bun? I scream like a dying banshee…

  •  Work out and lose weight. I’m tired of being called fat by nasty relatives each time I come home. I’m tired of having to ask for Size 10s and 12s and even 14s. Going back to a Size 4 is prolly out of the question but I’ll be happy with a 6 or 8.
  •  Increase investments and bring back savings to a healthy level. Our savings took a big hit with the move to the new apartment, not to mention the acquisition of another critter. Although we managed to not touch any of the long-term ones, our fluid cash flow is at a level I am not comfortable with. 2008 will see us tightening our belts in order to bring it above what I call ‘comfy’ i.e. 2 months’ salary.
  •  Travel outside Asia with Stinky. A bit of an oxymoron this one, especially after the previous resolution. However, we think it’s way past due that the two of us travel together outside our favourite haunts of Bangkok and Jakarta. We’re thinking Australia, but Morocco is a close second.
  •  A career change. I’m not quite sure in which direction yet, but if it goes the way I plan, it’ll involve even more stress but more importantly, challenge my stagnant mind. Oh, and more moolah 😀
  •  A better daughter, sibling. Hard this one. Very hard. I’ll try my damnedest nonetheless. The folks aren’t getting any younger and Lil Bro needs all the support he can get. Don’t talk to me about The Ret 😛
  •  Intimately know my cameras. Maybe I’ll even enroll in photography classes, who knows. The thing to remember is to be proficient in spite of the limitations of my current gear instead of constantly thinking I’ll improve if I have a better camera. I’m a ninny who takes better pics with her point & shoot instead of her dSLR. LOL.
  •  Lasik. I hear Dali screaming ‘YES!’ already, hahahha. Hold your horses, Dals. It’ll prolly be towards the end of the year and depending on how much I’ve managed to save. I’m dreading and looking forward to this at the same time.

That’s it I think. I’ll add more if I think of anything else, but for achievability’s sake, I hope not! 😀



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2 responses to “used to believe in a lot more

  1. From an appetising post to one with a snail… *gulp*

    BTW, I met Felix Dass yesterday. He’s in Singapore for a holiday with his family and he wanted to discuss about bringing Indo bands to Singapore. I was wearing a COUPLE t-shirt and he mentioned you and Aidil. He said the first time you met he was drunk and the 2nd time you reintroduced yourself thinking he wouldn’t remember you.

    Heh… Small small world. Music makes the world so much smaller…

  2. thegrouch

    FELIX!! hahaha…yes, did he tell you we were gorging on something called Sup Buntut Goreng the first time we met?
    i wasn’t in good shape myself that first meetup. they were passing around jugs filled with red bull and liquor and i was happily imbibing without realising what a knockout it was. LOL.
    happy holidays, chloe!

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