soup for the soul – this is for you CCW

I’ve tried bak kut teh all over the country but none beats the absolute mind-boggling yumminess of Nam Chai’s bak kut teh. I’m ashamed to say I only learnt the resto’s name tonight so I could report to Chi Wui and continue our Great Bak Kut Teh & Egg Tart Debate. In my family, nay in my housing area, to say ‘bak kut teh’ means only one shop. So it’s rather pointless to actually know the resto’s name 😉 . When pressed, we resort to ‘oh the corner shop one in Tanah Merah’.

you know that bounce you get when biting fresh seafood?

What is it about Nam Chai’s BKT (now that I know it’s proper name, I will endeavour to use it judiciously)? Is it the peppery gingery hot soup, each subtly different from each other depending on what meat was in it? The amazing prawns that are so fresh, they have that bounce when you bite into them?

balls…the good kind

I can never decide whether I like Nam Chai’s meatballs best or the prawns, but the spring onion in each bowl…. bliss.

garlicky goodness keeps the bloodsuckers away

I like mixing in spoonfuls of garlic into my rice and using garlic+soy sauce as a dip. Yep, I stink like mad afterwards.

assorted pig

Ahhh… Nam Chai’s mixed bowl. We always fight each other for the intestines. I think the soup from this bowl is the best. More peppery and dark.

a bowl of rice

I always forget to eat my rice until halfway through the meal. Too busy gobbling everything else down.

We’ve been going to Nam Chai’s ever since I can remember. Before another fave family resto opened (we’re going there tomorrow for seafood), it’s been the place to have dinner after Saturday’s evening mass. I remember getting shit as a kid for trying to hurry up my mom to finish her prayers so we could get to Nam Chai before the church crowd did. So lemme see…. 19 years we’ve been going there for BKT. Oh we’ve tried other places, but we always always come back to Nam Chai.

Nam Chai, you can kick Klang BKT anyday 😀


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6 responses to “soup for the soul – this is for you CCW

  1. Prawns in bak kut teh??? OMG!!!

  2. thegrouch

    yeah! and fish fillets too!
    argh, now i’m hungry 😀

  3. Eh I make pretty good Singapore style bak kut teh… It’s spicy and peppery… and my bak is so well cooked (slowly in a crock pot) that the bak just peels off. I’ve been told it’s flavourful and tender…

    Want some!??!!?

  4. thegrouch

    makes me wish teleporters were invented already and you could send me some here!

  5. ccw

    aaaaaaaaargh……. i could just taste the freaking prawns. prawns soooo fresh even the tiniest morsel of meat pops out of the tips of the tails when youre yanking out its flesh. excellent ‘bounce’ cos its cooked to perfection and freshness. Nam Choi’s the best ever tasting bah kut teh….., i’m conscious of the fact that everybody says their hometown’s food is the best……., but i just bloody don’t care. this’ll keep me wondering the whole night……, swimming groupers, tomalley-laden crab….. i’ll kill for some right now

  6. thegrouch

    cheong, come home with me next timelah. got spare bedroom for you, if you dont mind sleeping with textbooks and toycars.

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