eye to eye when speaking

I’m here at The Lawn in KLCC having a bit of dinner while I wait for the trousers I bought for Xmas get shortened. The pumpkin soup I had was piping hot and yummy with surprise pieces of seeds. I was feeling all smug (found pants that fit!) and happy (the accompanying nutty bread was scrumptious) with the world when it suddenly popped into my head that Stinky would prolly hate this place for not having any hearty melayu fare like masak lemak or ayam masak kicap. Then a wave of sadness washed over me and I just missed the silly bugger so much. What I wouldn’t give to have him beside me right now, telling his awful lame jokes and sulking coz I wasn’t laughing. I miss you Beebs, 10 days to go before the madness is over.

On a more cheerful note, Dali is coming over for a visit…. without Ravi! Since both our men are away, we’ll prolly make mad, passionate love on the sofa and compliment each other’s hair with The Innocence Mission playing in the background. Hahahhaha… I can just imagine Ravi’s hair stand on end while he reads this post. Maybe I should delete that sentence lest he forbids Dali from ever visiting again. Hmmm… I’ll ask Dali 😀

OK, I’m cheerful again (stuffing my face with bruschetta helped). I’m just so chuffed with my purchases tonight. A chic, grey pinafore dress that I think will look great with a black shirt and black leggings, a red silk shirt for mom’s xmas gift and a pair of charcoal grey wide-legged (oohh! I love!) trousers from Gap. The first two items were on sale at Banana Republic and were a steal methinks. I managed to stop myself from going to Pedder Red and blowing some serious cash on shoes that I would end up not wearing and from going to Adidas and getting a pair of sneakers that I would. The good news is I’ve finished my xmas shopping and found a(n) xmas outfit(s) that I’ll be comfy in, satisfy mom and impress upon the nasty relatives that I can dress myself up when the occasion calls for it.

Ugh. I really hate this time of year.


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