acoustic downtempo. LOL.

I’m not really a fan of birds. When I see an owl or a peacock, I go ooh and aah but that’s about it. Bird related documentaries on National Geographic and Discovery go unseen and God forbid I should actually go on a birdwatching trip. Parakeets annoy the hell outta me and I think parrots should fly free in whatever jungle they came from. Oops, I forgot that I love puffins and penguins but anyway, those babies are just too cute for their own good.

Enter NGM’s December article and wallpaper collection on albatrosses. I’m in love. I think I’ll even change my current desktop (Iceland’s Kolgrima River) to that of albatrosses flying above a very rough sea. Simply awesome. Ack. Now I miss The Stinky.

Having several pets, the desire to have a clean floor but not the will to physically do anything about it beyond vacuuming 2-3 times a week can be stressful. Several pet owners I know from various pet forums (yes Beebs, I have a huge L tattooed on my forehead, but so do you, Mr. How-Will-I-Look-With-Black-Eyeliner) have recommended the Roomba but this was sometime ago when it still cost an arm and leg. The price has gone down some what and now with December bonuses on the horizon, temptation has kicked in. A salesperson is coming over to give a demo on the various models and I just can’t wait! Hehe.

Here’s a follow up article to Radiohead’s amazing decision to sell In Rainbows for whatever amount a fan is willing to fork out. I cracked up reading Gene Simmons’ comment of: ‘Are they on fucking crack?’ Hahhahaha….. ‘Are they on fucking crack?’ Still tickles me. 😀

Ohh! Ohh! Dunno if they’ll pull through (they’re not sure themselves, LOL), but the folks of freakonomics are giving away free SIGNED bookplates. Sign up here, fellow fans. I really really hope it works out.

OK, off to charming the socks off some clients but before that, a conversation snippet:

“Look at that sticker on the white car! WTF! Malaysia ada Persatuan Tapir ke?”

(looks and LOL) “That’s the logo for the Malaysian Nature Society, you carnivorous eejit.”


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