in the mood for love

Woke up at 0500 to an ominous pain in my tummy. Sigh. Another bout of food poisoning. Cramps not so bad this time but I’ve been puking and ciriting like nobody’s business. Went to work anyway, albeit late, but made a show of working for a couple hours before calling it quits and hailing a cab to take me home. Cabby was a 30-something Chinese guy who stuttered and had facial tics. I was charmed by his friendliness and mannerisms until he asked if I had sex with Stinky regularly.

Just when I thought I’d get lucky for once and get a normal cabby, he shows himself to be a bit too interested in people’s sex lives.

Oh, he goes to the Beach Club every weekend if anyone’s interested 🙂


“Shit there’s a spider inside the car! Kill it! Kill it!”

“Argh!!!! A spider! YOU kill it! I’m scared!”


“How’s your poop, beebs? We haven’t been eating very healthy lately.”

“Oh it’s fine, thanks. Lancar je.”

“OK, don’t strain, love. It must flow smoothly out. Is it soft? Hard? Inbetween? Watery? I make you quaker oats ok?”




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2 responses to “in the mood for love

  1. Quaker oats?!?

    Aiyoh! Take care… eat something nice and safe. Like soup. Mushroom soup… YUM

  2. thegrouch

    right on, chloe. i’m subsisting on vegetable soup and half-boiled eggs 😀

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