matter of fact

I’m currently attending a course on petroleum geomechanics with Boss#3, Boss#2 and some senior people from the department. The disparity in smarts is obvious from the  questions they ask:

  •  Where is Sigma 2 on the Mohr Circle?
  •  The slope of the failure envelope is defined by what?
  •  Does the stress regime of listric faults change?

And mine:

  •  Does the big arrow represent maximum stress?

LOL. I’m a bloody genius 😀 .



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10 responses to “matter of fact

  1. ‘alo! It’s me! Just want to let you know that I’m reading! Aidil showed me this and your Pet blog today!!!! When will I see you again? If you come to Singapore, I’ll take you to a nice spa for massage and then manicure/pedicure!!! AND OF COURSE FOOOOOOD!!!!

  2. katrina aftermath

    i am so proud of u …

  3. the grouch

    hi chloe! we’ll be down in january! we’ll try to stay longer this time and eat our way around the island 😀

    lil: you better be! i am doraemon’s favourite! 😀

  4. nuaqe

    Please get rid of your inferiority complex,E. The reason I’m here is because of the smart and funny stuff you wrote about. Those guys are nerds. Leave them be.

  5. thegrouch

    no inferiority complex in sight, my music friend! (NEW CDs!!! you’ll get them soon):D
    did you miss the part where i said i was a bloody genius? hahahhaa… gosh, i hate structural geology 😛

  6. Jules

    Don’t EVER lose the innocence & inquisitiveness of a child. we adults are conditioned to think ‘smart’ and along with it comes prejudice and bigotry. while all along the fresh and open-mindedness of a child is all we need. shake the ground a little, make the adults remember how ‘easy’ things used to be 🙂 be proud

  7. Great! Let me know when so I can set aside sometime! Also would you be keen to go to the spa?

  8. thegrouch

    spot on, jules! 🙂

    would love to, chloe, but spas in s’pore costs an arm and leg. how about we do it in KL when you’re here next? there’s several i’m itching to try out!

  9. nooooo my treat my treat!!!!!!! i book for us!!!! this women-only spa that i go to is soooooooo good!!!

  10. the grouch

    ohhh, ok! let’s go but we go dutchlah. you can treat us at crab meehoon 😉

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