hot hot heat

Went for a long walk in Hartamas this evening and now I feel pleasantly tired and sleepy. Although The Bakery was closed (dang! no croissants for brekkie!), Aunty Nat’s was open and that’s where I had my dinner! You may argue that having sambal fried rice with beef fillets and sago gula melaka for dessert totally negated any benefits from the walk, but I think not. I only ate half of everything as silly me downed a mug of cold water after the walk and it took up precious space in my tummy.

Although I miss Stinky dreadfully, I really enjoyed today. Lil came by mid-morning with a shopping bag full of kerepek pisang and brownies kukus from Bandung. Sternly told her bananas were banned from Casa Grouch but the brownies were very welcome. I’d also invited Chi Wui for lunch so I set Lil up on a stool in the kitchen while I cooked brown rice, a stir fry (french beans and beef garlic sausage) and green chicken curry (with carrots and cauliflower to up the vitamin content). The brown rice was from a new packet and of a brand I’d never used before (Dals, it was the rice you picked in the supermarket! LOL) and it was a bitch to cook. Chi Wui ate the soggy bits anyway and I was happy. We all had corn on the cob and hummingbird cake from Bisou for dessert.

Another successful attempt* at feeding guests with my cooking – if you ignore the rice bit 😀 .

* I haven’t heard of any food poisoning reports from both my lunch guests 9 hours after the event so kira oklah.


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