piebald horses and pinto beans

I haven’t written in a while (I must stop this habit of saying obvious things). Partly because of work, but mostly because of my still being in a general state of malaise for the past few months. Hopefully the expected increase in rig activity next month will force me out of it once and for all.

I spoke to Boss#3 today. Over coffee at Coffee Bean, I told him what I’d like to do in 2008. I said I was going to stop harping for a transfer if he supported my branching out into WP and having dual job responsibilities. It would mean being based in KL and continuing what I currently do, but being sent out abroad everytime a new horizontal well was drilled. I emphasised I was still open to moving out, but that it was no longer my main motivation. Why move out when you’re still doing the same old thing when you can stay here, travel occasionally and make a lot more (then move out later)? He laughed and said my ravenous pets must be the reason behind this new plan. Haha.

So nothing’s happened yet, Boss#3 still has to let Boss#2 know, but just taking the first step and making known my plan has rejuvenated me a bit. There’s actually something to look forward to instead of churning out interpretation reports and making an extra buck or two. I feel good for taking an active role in my career development and charting the course instead of going with the flow (this post is starting to sound like something I write in my year end self-assessment report 😀 ).

Friends on my MSN and Yahoo contact list will have known that I dropped my phone a couple days ago and fried the motherboard. I was uncontactable for a couple days (mom almost went berserk and called the cops, I swear to God, even though I sent an email to her, pops and The Ret about the situation AND EVEN THOUGH I CALLED HER FROM THE OFFICE LANDLINE. sigh.) The cost of repairing my beloved phone was crazy so I bit the bullet and bought a new one instead (yes Dals, I did, but I didn’t want to say just now coz nanti kena marah 😀 ). I must kill thank Mike for recommending a model that I am now completely in love with. Happy Belated Birthday, Mikey, and thanks for installing TextTwist in it. You are forevermore my gadget guru till kingdom come. Amen.



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2 responses to “piebald horses and pinto beans

  1. linn

    Baguslah E 🙂 At least, you know what you want in your career/job. Next year, I want to travel more & get a job I like *amen*

    How much did it cost if you would to repair the phone? 😦

  2. the grouch

    thanks, linn 🙂
    the guy said it would be more than RM500. no way lah i said. baik beli phone baru. hehe.

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