in transition

I am disgusted by the way our local mainstream media is trying to downplay the efforts of the 40,000 Malaysians who marched last Saturday. Don’t even get me started on all the political eejits clamouring for their 15 seconds of fame by mouthing off the most inane statements about the rally. Are they really so stupid to believe the shit they’re spewing? How did we let them get to where they are?!

I am actually of two minds regarding the involvement of children (<12 years old) at the rally. On one point, I think it’s good that the older ones see for themselves the grand spectacle of people speaking out for the common good instead of meekly accepting everything that comes their way. On the other hand, I don’t think the younger ones should have been subjected to the very real possibility of our men in blue (or red) reacting with  undue force to what was deemed by the powers that be, no matter how peaceful it was, an ‘illegal’ rally. As adults, we knew the risks involved. They did not have that luxury. And as we found out to our great disappointment, the little ones’ presence did not stop the marchers from being water cannoned and tear gassed.

For those of you who are still wondering what the march was for or *gasp!* believe what the local mainstream media are saying, I urge you to read this post by my friend Meesh on why she and her friends marched for us that day. Yes, you read right. They marched for each one of us, unless of course you’re one of the special few who actually benefit and is happy with what’s currently being done to our country.



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2 responses to “in transition

  1. nuaqe

    State of denial and ‘wag the dog’… that was their strategy,E.

  2. I guess Amir Muhammad will have to prepare for the upcoming volumes of Malaysian Politicians Say The Darndest Thing.

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