collect her, bring her back here next to me

I love breathing in cool morning air and the feeling that you’re the only one awake in the whole wide world. The paradox is I am not a morning person and I hate getting up early. 

an itty bitty star and an itty bitty moon

I was feeling snappy (the photography kind, not the one with teeth) a couple mornings ago as I did my stretches on the balcony. Even though it was barely 0630, the sun was coming up over the horizon already. Daylight is earlier these days. But as I looked over upwards, I could still see a crescent moon shining brightly and an itty bitty star right next to it. I wonder what the star’s name is or whether it’s actually a planet. It’s there every morning. Sometimes I wish I knew everything. 

and she said, look towards the mountain range

 You know what would be nice during early mornings? A trip to your neighbourhood kopitiam and getting a bowl of hot kuey tiaw soup or porridge washed down with kopi-O and iced lemon tea.

ohhhh….dunked in maple syrup, these babies can make you weep

Failing that, pancakes are wonderful too. I love spooning them into the hot pan and watching them turn into golden brown circles of heaven.


We found another resto we really really love. After a gig at CM on Sunday, Stinky said he wanted to take me to a resto he’d think I’d love for dinner. I was a bit bummed coz I thought it was just him trying to avoid my cooking again, but noooooo. Precious Restoran & Bar is truly a find. I raved and raved about the decor and had to be restrained from whipping out my credit card to buy some antique peranakan jewelry* from Indonesia. I ordered itik tim and plain rice. Itik tim is stewed duck with pickled cabbage, mushrooms, nutmeg and argh! I forgot! tamarind. Stinky ordered nyonya fried noodles. Two thumbs up for everything. I burped buah pala fumes the whole evening. Stinky said it could wake the dead.

*I didn’t know there were Peranakans in Indonesia too (I mean wouldn’t they be called by another name?) but the wait staff there said so. Hmmm… must research and find out.



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4 responses to “collect her, bring her back here next to me

  1. nuaqe

    Those pancakes need Aunt Jemima Maple syrup on ’em….”Hmmm Lazat!”

  2. Do you know that Ammar has peranakan blood? I bet he’ll love the place. Hope to hit it before delivering.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. eds, you always wake up early. you’re my hero. last time i did that naturally, i was 16.

    thanks for the pancakes, they were lovely, i loved the grainy texture!

    awak chef lah.

  4. thegrouch

    nuaqe: you know, nuaqe, i was looking for just that! but the shop i went to didn’t have aunt jemima’s…. only gila babi mahal fancy maple syrup in glass bottles.

    bibi: hope you guys enjoy it.

    dali: awwww… don’t mention it. next time i go south, i bring you a pack. hopefully without weevils 😉

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