We missed the BERSIH rally but I am overwhelmed with pride to see the huge amount of people who did brave the weather and police.

As news began to leak in via non-Malaysian sources about some cases of police brutality against peaceful demonstrators, we decided to wear yellow in solidarity.

I’m reading Jeff Ooi’s blog and others to learn more. Our own media is useless.



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3 responses to “Yellow

  1. nuaqe

    I read about how much money we’re paying the Russian to tag along the Soyuz; from S’pore The Straits Times. The piece of info. wasn’t even highlighted in the local media.As a matter of fact, we were led to believe that there was this package deal for buying the Sukhoy blah,blah,blah. As a law abiding-tax paying citizen of the country ,I deserved to know where my hard-earned money was spent.That’s all.

  2. thegrouch

    spot on, nuaqe!
    i don’t even buy the paper anymore, except to use as litter lining 😀

  3. nuaqe

    Good call!The 4D result is still reliable tho’ and the sports news too. Other than that forget it.

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