You asked for our food plans, Dals. Here it is.

oh the many cooking possibilities!


  • Dinner: most prolly on your own as we’re going to see Click 5 I cook dinner. Hmmm…. on second thought, maybe we just order takeout.
  • Dessert: Bisou for cupcakes and/or brownies


  • Brekkie: quick one at home i.e. quaker oats, cereal, oatmeal, mac & cheese
  • Brunch: TBD
  • Lunch: nasi padang at aunty’s
  • Dinner: Jimmy’s


  • brekkie, lunch : TBD
  • Dinner: TBD (Madam Kwan’s? Bodhi Tree? Las Carretas?)


  • brekkie: at home
  • lunch : kari kepala ikan and apam manis/nasi daun pisang
  • dinner: TBD (Coliseum? Suzy’s Corner? Murni?)


  • TBD (but no picnics unless you wake up at 0600 to make sandwiches. we have to be at the park by 0815)

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