fly on the wall

  • It’s always the people from countries that are classified as “Third World” or “Developing Nation” that whine and complain the most about every single thing that they should be happy about. The food, accomodation, weather…. every single training course I’ve been to, it’s always the same.
  • Stinky doesn’t know today’s Halloween.
  • Yes, it’s disheartening if an instructor isn’t good at imparting his knowledge but that’s no excuse for backtalk, rude snorts and eye-rolling. Last time I checked, he’s still the most senior guy in the room, plus a gentleman to boot, while you’re still … you.
  • If I’m sitting next to a cute guy during lunch, I only eat 2 lambchops and I finish all my vegetables.
  • Bad news travels fastest in this company.
  • You CAN get sick of too much jam tarts.
  • The chilled salads in hotel buffets are the main suspects of tummy upsets among my 9 non-RE colleagues.
  • Ret is 24 and still a champion tattle tale.
  • Lil, we still have connectivity and the coolies (including moi) are chatting!


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3 responses to “fly on the wall

  1. linn

    * I whine about the working environment & people 😦
    * I’ll eat the same amount of food whether got cute guy or not
    but more sopan-sopan & eat lambat 😀
    * Rumours spread faster before you could fart! In this case is
    my office.
    * Kemungkinan besar, the chilled salads got worm kot?

  2. the grouch

    eiii….i didn’t see any worms, then again maggots are white kan? gross.

  3. Ughhh…nowadays if I eat veggie, I tengok 2,3 times then baru makan. Always got worm hiding somewhere. Same goes with bananas. Got 1 time, my dad peeled off the skin & saw 2 maggots doing cha-cha. I tell you…pastu dah tak usik bananas.

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