this is me, the newly registered voter :)

Our quest to discover good food took us to The Bodhi Tree Cafe last night (OK, actually I was just too damned pooped to cook dinner). We parked on Jln. Raja Abdullah and walked through a lane that ran behind the famous roti babi shop of Yut Kee. An awful racket of distinctly non-human screams and groans came from the old resto. We were too lily-livered to take a peek into the kitchen, for my money though I thought it was a peacock. A teahouse I regularly go to back in the east has a peacock that screams the same way when you don’t throw it buns. Anyway, Stinky thought it was a pig being slaughtered on the premises for the roti. Having lived a km away from a pig farm though, I could tell it wasn’t a pig. This is me, the pig expert talking.

OK, OK, so the Bodhi Tree. I ordered a citrus salmon steak which came on top of a bed of fettucine with an eggplant and tomato-ey sauce (no pics, very dim lighting). Stinky ordered a mushroom chicken burger. His burger came first and after the first bite, we both sat there cross-eyed, silently chewing (translation:  good, very good). I was also very happy with my meal. The citrus sauce didn’t overwhelm the grilled salmon (it came close though) and the pasta was perfect. We’ll be going back real soon with our fave hustler aka Lil in tow.

I bet Lil would have peeked into the resto to settle the pig vs peacock debate 😀 .



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3 responses to “this is me, the newly registered voter :)

  1. The Bodhi Tree is very near my office so my colleagues and I usually head there on Fridays (especially the Friday after we’ve gotten our paycheck).

    My experience was slightly different and I was quite frustrated given the reviews I’ve read on it. But then again it was probably the restaurant’s bad hair day. I shall give it a second chance and head there once again…hopefully before I burst.

  2. No wonder the line at Yut Kee is so loooooong…!!! I was wondering what their specialty is. Now I know…

  3. thegrouch

    you mean they had a bad day each time you went? whoaaa….

    we actually went again for dinner tadi. moroccan chicken and lam mee.
    this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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