crypt 65

the home of refried beans

On Monday evening, after visiting a friend at Gleneagles, we decided to go exorcise some demons for Stinky.

Even before we started dating (when we were still just buddies, circa early 2002), everytime he had to contribute a food story, he’d bring up his bad dining experience at Ma Maison, a french resto in Ampang. His International Baccalaureate class had an outing there to polish up their dining etiquette skills. It must have been Stinky’s unlucky day ‘coz the staff screwed up his order and he was left with a very unsatisfactory meal. Don’t get me wrong, they served him good food but it just wasn’t what he wanted all the way from the appetisers to dessert.

We had always joked about going back and giving them a chance to redeem themselves, but we never did. Fast forward 10 years after the event, we finally went back to the neighbourhood and were shocked to see it still there. Unfortunately we also saw a Mexican resto a couple doors away and all thoughts of redemption flew out our heads. We were gonna have refried beans or go nuts trying.

Having eaten in a real Mexican place, I’d say Las Carretas did a pretty good job. The entrees we had (chilli con carne and pollo loco) were good albeit it had a distinctly malaysianised flavour to it. Dessert (chocolate pie) was awesome. We sat in complete silence for a good 5 minutes.

10 minutes into our meal, the waiter came by to ask us how we liked our meal, or at least that’s what I thought he said and replied very cheerfully, “Great! Thanks for asking!”

What he really said was, “Hey bro! Apa khabar? Band macam mana?”

So not only was he NOT talking to me, he wasn’t even inquiring about food. Stinky had a right good laugh and repeated, “Great! Thanks for asking!” the whole night. Complete with slaphappy look and chewing motions.

If I didn’t like the food so much, we’d never go again, nevermind the waiter’s a fan of Stinky’s band and that we might get discounts. Sobs.


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9 responses to “crypt 65

  1. linn

    Hahaha..aiyoo..that’s me. Orang cakap lain, kita dengar lain. Got one time I was queuing up for nasi lemak, the pakcik asked me “nak berapa?” but what I heard was “pukul berapa?”…

  2. nuaqe

    I got hooked on mexican tortilla chips with melted cheddar cheese and sliced jalapeno spread all over….Hmmm Bueno!

  3. thegrouch

    nuaqe, your description just made me hungry all over again.
    i think we’ll be going to las carretas tonight!

  4. nuaqe

    FYI, I survived on bean burittos and hot chunky salsa with nachos cheese Doritos for a week on my senior year geology field trip in Puerto Penasco south of Baja, CA. Imagine the bad gas I accumulated and released for that one week…Hahaha

  5. thegrouch

    OMG! a fellow farter! *hugs* 😀

  6. Hey I’m a fellow farter too….

    My gynae says I have temporary IBS.

    Do I get a hug?

  7. thegrouch

    of course you do!

    ammar, go hug your wife!

  8. nuaqe

    Fellow Farters,

    Lets meet-up and start FAA group now…

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