gut symphonies

for picture taking purposes only

In an ideal world, this is how my teak bench would look like all the time: empty and free from clutter.

this is how it actually looks like

In the real world however, it usually looks like this – or worse. I’d taken off most of the backpacks that usually sits on it and left only the in-use-daily ones.

my current drug…. jellybeans!!

Tech Boss#1 came back from France laden with goodies. Thank goodness he remembered the jellybeans!

the sizzler man

I love the drama of preparing the sizzling steak at The Coliseum Cafe. So smoky, so aromatic, so mind-bogglingly hunger-inducing. 

my tenderloin steak

I didn’t order the sizzling steak the last time we went. This is my tenderloin steak cooked to perfect medium rare. Juices were mopped up with the cheese & onion toast. Not pictured here coz we forgot to save any and ate it all before taking out the camera.



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4 responses to “gut symphonies

  1. linn

    Nice header!!! How did you do that? Was any header before this? I can only remember 1 header which was de jelly fish header, afterthat, no more 😦

    Teak bench is meant for lepaking & bags. Its hard not to put anything when its empty!

  2. the grouch

    thanks linn:)
    i use Picasa, which is free software by google.
    the previous header was a picture grid of the cats, food, etc. i used Picasa for that too.

  3. Nice teak bench!

    I went crazy last night and bought two wooden items for a fortune (which I’m supposed to be keeping for the baby!). I just couldnt help myself when it comes to household items these days.


    I think I need to join a support group to prevent me from buying things till after the baby has safely arrived.

  4. the grouch

    priorities, bibi, priorities 😉

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