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I want to go watch the firewalking at the Kampung Baru Chinese Temple tonight but I know as soon as I get home, it’s gonna be hard to find enough energy to get ready and go back out again. Stinky’s no good either …… he’s an absolute couch potato. I guess I’ll just wait till the boss shows me the pictures he’ll take.

I am so in love with this site which shows the inside of fridges from around the world. Now why didn’t I ever think of that? This is voyeurism at its best… food plus peeping!

Just now at lunch with TechBoss#1, Lil and The Englishman, the subject of how much money you need to last you from retirement to death was discussed in great and earnest detail. Everyone at the table had investments, savings and hopefully retirement plans, yet only 1 person thought he could live comfortably on his pension. All the others (including me) thought we’d prolly die penniless in a bare apartment stinking of cat urine with only cans of sardines lining the shelves. We all gave our 2 cents on how much a year we’ll need/like to have….. I came up with RM200K. At that figure, if I retire at 45 and live till I’m 65, I’ll need RM4 million. RM4 million!!! Let me say that again, RM4 million!

I’m cutting the kids’ rations tonight. Every penny spent is 1 penny less towards RM4 million. Sobs.



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6 responses to “variations on a theme

  1. linn

    Soups – the only thing you can eat when you’re having ulcers. Oh ya, porridge too 🙂

    All stuff unpacked? The shelf look superb! You’ve shown us your place, food, workplace & now its for fridge!

    Oh lord..4 million?..*faints*

  2. linn

    E, you have/had fair share of taking flights but how many times the flight you took hit by turbulence & what do you usually do when there’s a turbulence?

    Just wondering..:)

  3. thegrouch

    hey linn,
    when the plane gets hit by turbulence, i usually continue whatever it was i’m doing which is usually reading or sleeping. i’m not bothered unless it starts making those vomit-inducing drops. then i still continue reading (control macho ok?) but really i’m praying inside that if the plane crashes, i won’t feel the pain and die instantly. ok? hehehe…

  4. linn

    vomit-inducing drops? ohh..I got that one, that’s why I’m asking. It was a less 2 minutes; the plane started doing cha-cha to the left & right THEN vomit-inducing drop…one big drop…it doesn’t help when your colleague sitting next cakap “ini mesti bad weather..”…adoi, adoi :O

  5. nuaqe

    I’m goin’ to retire in a cave somewhere in Bt. Caves,people!

  6. thegrouch

    hahaha…jadi hermit ya, nuaqe? 😉

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