succotash! next!

I like to make soup. I love eating them more.

throw in everything that you found in the fridge

Here’s something I make every so often. It’s a not quite vegetable soup 🙂 . Not quite coz I normally add meat to it – either a chicken carcass or bones from a leftover roast. Roast duck leftovers make awesome soup.  This one uses normal chicken. Cold Storage was selling chicken carcasses for $1 🙂

tomotoey goodness

I chopped up onions, brocolli, butternut squash, celery and carrots. I used diced tomatoes (unsalted) from a can as I think unless you buy the expensive ones from the grocery store, it’s hard, sour and generally un-yummy.

beans beans beans = fart attacks

I also like to add these beans. Some call it pearl beans, others call it cranberry beans. Whatever it is, I love ’em! They add a nice chewiness to the soup. I also like to add 1-2 tablespoons of cooking oats. I like my soups thick like stews and oats do exactly that. Thicken, I mean. Good for poop too.

The resulting soul-warming (haha… yes, I love my own cooking a LOT!) concoction has been part of every meal except breakfast for the last 3 days. A dash of Tabasco’s habanero sauce ….. heaven 😀



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8 responses to “succotash! next!

  1. Sunds lovely except for the butterbut squash and the beanie part…I’ve never tasted them. How do the taste like btw?

  2. Oh no! What have I done…? I salah eja….butternut. Sorryyyyyy….

  3. the grouch

    butternut squash in soups give it a sweet, subtle flavour… almost carroty. unfortunately they’re also expensive. mostly i use the local squash for soups and save the butternuts for roasting. similar taste, a third of the price.
    these beans are creamier than kidney beans, IMHO, and they take on the flavour of the soup/sauce.

  4. i spy with my little eye … an ikea strainer!

    love, you’re amazing! WHAT NUTS ARE THOSE? they look friggin eksotik! macam jellybeans.

    pls make me a pot when i come.

  5. thegrouch

    it’s beanslah…BEANS! nuts pula.
    ok! i go do groceries and try to make it before u come. i swear it tastes better as it ages!

  6. nuaqe

    “me gusta la jalepeno!”

  7. Mike

    More pictures of your place please! 😀

  8. thegrouch

    nuaqe: have you tried the chipotle flavoured tabasco? simply out of this world.

    mike: as soon as the boxes are cleared! 😀

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