milk & brownies

It’s been a lovely couple of days, or as lovely as it can be without having Stinky around. I’ve been pottering around the house: doing a little vacuuming, a little laundry, but still haven’t gone round to unpacking. Mostly I’ve been cooking, eating and reading NYT articles online. Got groceries yesterday and I’m happy to report the fridge is bursting with ingredients to make soup and stews. I’m a happy bunny.

Long holidays without Stinky has always been the time to reflect, take stock of things and get things done. After the first couple of hours of frenzied texting and moping that he isn’t here to help with chores, nevermind that I miss the bugger like crazy, I settle down and start enjoying the quiet solitude – if I can ignore the rampaging pets and their collective shenanigans. I still wish he was here last night though – making fun of him via text message on his and his band’s appearance for some Raya tv special just wasn’t enough 😀 .


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