After all the brouhaha and interesting debates about Radiohead releasing their new album In Rainbows via digital download and letting their fans pay whatever amount for it, I’m kinda disappointed that they won’t divulge what was the average amount paid. Now that would have unleashed another flurry of articles and op-ed pieces. I personally paid 2 pounds for the 10 mp3s. My reasoning is that’s what I would have paid for a CD from Petaling Street anyway. Plus, this is more of a look-see: if I like the album enough, or any album by any band for that matter, I will fork out the dough for the real thing and duly make the fat cats behind the starving artiste richer.

I haven’t listened to In Rainbows enough times yet for a proper opinion, but so far it hasn’t quite hit me like their previous work. I’m still hopeful. OK Computer which was the soundtrack of my life in 2007-08 took several listens before hooking me. Maybe this one’s the same.

no mattresses yet dals!

We got bunkbeds for the guestroom! Dali&Ravi are coming over next week and for the first time ever, we have enough beds to accomodate the mister and not just his misses 😀 . But duh! I only remembered that we also need matresses for them beds after posting this pic up. I guess a trip to our trusty furniture store in Desa Petaling is in order. Otherwise it’s the sofa for you, Ravi!


The whole office got permission to leave by 1pm today but guess what came in this morning? Yep, a request from our client to process and interpret a rush job*. I don’t feel too bad…. re-reading my post yesterday, I thought I sounded miserably jaded and unhappy. It’s not quite like that. Yeah, I am tired, demotivated and all, but it’s not really as bad as it sounds (I hope). Plus I don’t like being in this state so I’ve decided to do something which I’ve never done before: email my boss and Personnel Manager and ask to meet them to hash things out. Haha. easier said than done, especially by me, Miss Don’t-Upset-the-Status-Quo-If-Things-Are-Bearable.

OK, enough ramblings. Selamat Hari Raya to all my friends. Y’all have a good one. Remember to drive safe and turn off your PCs before going on holiday 😉 .

*rush job just means drop-everything urgent


What a wonderful thing to read a day before Raya (Muslim scholars send a letter to the Pope entitled A Common Word Between Us and You). I hope Malaysia jumps on the bandwagon and not try to play the holier than thou card.



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2 responses to “bodysnatchers

  1. linn

    Radiohead is awesome possum! I repeat all their songs whenever I’m in melancholy mood which is like…everyday :-/

    G & Atti conquered the tilam pulak!

    Selamat Hari Raya to you too. I’m supposed to go & help mother in the kitchen but no, am sitting here going through your past photos. To get inspiration gara-gara nak ambik photo esok 😀

    You have a good long weekend (sleep more!)!!!

  2. thegrouch

    selamat hari raya, linn 😀

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