15 steps

wow. i used to function

This is how my organiser usually looks like. Full of scribbles to remind me of the things I needed to do. Ticked off after completion.

blank blank blanketty blank

This is the way my organiser has been for the last couple of weeks. Blank. Free from any reminders. Have I been less busy? Noooo. I’m just eyeballs deep in a blue funk. One year and one day ago I achieved a major milestone career-wise. They promised things would change afterwards. I would be free to change job scopes if I so wanted. I would be eligible for a lot of things. 366 days later: Nada. Zip. Don’t miss the boat, they said. Get your promotion ASAP. What boat? What goddamn boat? And where’s my freakin’ salary hike?

underachiever… shelves still bare

Bookshelves remain empty. Underachieving procrastinator that I am, I don’t even feel a twinge of guilt this time around. It’s hard to be enthusiastic when you don’t care.

my dentist is on speed dial

Ahhh…but I do care about this 😀 ! Yummy peanut butter cupcake and double chocolate brownie from Bisou. Lifts my spirits everytime I tuck into one.


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2 responses to “15 steps

  1. linn

    E, go & enjoy your cupcakes than to think why your organiser/bookshelf is empty. My organiser also empty, don’t have the time to write all the things I need to do so pretty much I’ll make a mental note of everything.

    Salary hike? Me want alsooo but do I get? The license to clean rooms! Oh well 😦

  2. thegrouch

    linn: 😛 hehehe

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