carrot flowers

It’s official. We have run out of shelf space for my books. And since my old Lack shelf collapsed last night under the weight of 3 years worth of NG mags, Stinky has agreed we’ll get another Expedit. Who’s a happy camper? I am! 😀

On a sadder note, I’ve decided to get rid of several rocks that have been with me for years. It’s not that I’ve suddenly lost interest in them, no, but when we moved I vowed that I would start getting rid of stuff. I’m a confused pack rat who loves the minimalist look one minute and the cozy-plump-cushions-everywhere look the next. Whatever it is though, I am determined to streamline the look of my shelves. No more Less pretty pebbles from the beach. No more business cards from places we’ve eaten. No more Less junk overall. Easier said than done, everything seems to have some nice memory attached to it, but I’ll do my best.



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13 responses to “carrot flowers

  1. linn

    You can keep rocks yg ada sentimental value & give it away to those yang minat.

    Get another Expedit!!! My room is full with books while sis & bro’s place full of NG, Newsweek, R.Digest. Its good to have lots of reading material 🙂

  2. noooo eds, not the rocks!

  3. thegrouch

    linn: yep, got the new expedits! haven’t put ONE book on it yet but i am hopeful the 4-day raya weekend will be more productive. haha, who am i kidding?
    i dont think anyone would want the rocks. they’re just pebbles i pick up to remind me of certain places…. i’ll limit myself to one rock per place visited. that’ll keep the junk down i hope.

    dals: yes, the rocks 😦 . including some of the ones i lovingly showed you in nice and displayed on our nightstand. i kept the ones with the fossils though. can’t bear to part with those.

  4. I have to keep on telling myself hoarders cant stay in apartments!!! Apartments are not meant for hoarders!!! I have given away quite a few things and am not too happy about it.

  5. the grouch

    you’re not happy that you’ve given stuff away or you’re not happy that you didn’t give away enough 😉 ?

    i wrote to the SPCA to ask whether they still want stuff after their Jumble Sale. they do. good news for hoarders!

  6. the grouch

    LOL. good for you.

  7. Heh…whatever it is there are still a lot of stuff to be given away. Previously, I gave it away to Pertubuhan Alam Sri Sinar (P.A.S.S) but since you’ve mentioned SPCA I think I’ll consider them as well.

    BTW, do you think they want hangers??? I’ve got dozens of them at home. As a matter of fact…if you are in need of hangers do let me know. I will gladly pass some to you.

  8. the grouch

    oohhh. thanks for the offer, but we’re good, thanks.

    as long as it’s in excellent/good condition, i’ve been giving away stuff like pots & pans, books, CDs and office wear we’ve grown out of. i’m sure they’ll find hangers useful one way or another.

  9. bibi

    Do you know what TM said when Ammar called them up…that they cant install the phone lines yet because they do not have the right equipment…!!!! *pening lalat sekejap*

  10. thegrouch

    there’s an internet service at our old place that didn’t require you to have a phone installed (re. no stupid monthly phone charges). SP1 has the same, but it might take some time before negotiations are finalised between SP2 management and the provider.

  11. We got ourselves Izzi Net. Just last night. 🙂

  12. the grouch

    bingo! we settled for them too. what a coincidence. haha. ok, i sound harsh, but i just didn’t want to wait for the other providers to hammer out agreements with our numbskull management office.

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