bengawan solo

marginally manageable chaos

I am veering between proud and horrified by the number of boxes filled with books that are still unpacked. I’m running out of shelf space already and I calculate I need at least half an Expedit shelf more. You know what this means: another trip to IKEA reaaaal soon. I’d never thought I’d say this but a trip to IKEA doesn’t fill me with as much happiness as it used to. I’m also gonna sell off/give away some books. Give away or sell or both, I’m still undecided. There’s a whole range of books I want to get rid of, from trashy romances to emo fiction. There’s a charity drive at my church to collect X’mas presents for underprivileged kids but I don’t think they’ll relish any Milan Kundera or Jude Deveraux. Haha. Watch this space, folks. Books going cheap.

Atti the Kitchen God

I love how handsome Atti looks in this picture. He’s a sweet one, our Atticus. Always good natured amd ready for a cuddle.

The whole apartment is still littered with unopened and half unpacked boxes. I just can’t be bothered and it doesn’t help when Stinky says, “Nevermind, nevermind.” Haha. It’s a big deal if we even clear one box a day. What wimps. 3 more days till the weekend!


From one of my favourite blogs, Desire to Inspire, a collection of pictures that shows what I’d like my future farm to look like: green, airy and full of animals. Also, some ideas on how to frame and arrange all the posters and collected art work we plan to put up. It’s gonna cost a fortune to frame them the way Stinky wants, but hey, that’s his baby so I’m not gonna say a peep! 😀 My only stipulation is I get final say on what posters are to be hung and I get to include some posters of my own among his artsy fartsy ones. You won’t believe the arguments we’ve had:

Stinky: (proudly showing his Minnie & Moskowitz poster) This is gonna take pride of place!

Me: Over my dead body. That’s freaking ugly.

Stinky: But I liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike. It’s miiiiiiiiiiiine. I’ve waited yearssssssssssssssssss.

And it goes on.



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9 responses to “bengawan solo

  1. linn

    OOOOooOOOoOoOoOo…its really niceeeeeeeeeeee 😀 My mom would be so proud of you! Mom is thinking to get all of the furnitures in our house (she hates furnitures btw) & she wants to put a small dinner table like in the pic up there. Me love the book shelf. I’m still waiting for somebody to give me a book shelf for birthday or christmas..haha..

    If you’re giving away/sell books, inform me, me, me ! Oh..there’s a few shops taking/buy old books.

    Btw, thanks for de nasi padang suggestion. Now have to go around & catch a few ppl to go with me.

  2. the grouch

    linn: thanks! we love our table too and spend hours sitting there. it’s some sort of limited edition set from IKEA and we snapped it up the minute it came on sale the second time around. as for the books, i’ll post the titles i wanna get rid of here and you take a look, ok? enjoy your nasi padang binge! 😀

    machinist: that’s George! 😀 10kg and counting. he scares/astounds everyone who comes and visits.

  3. :-O

    He’s a monster! My dear departed Hansen was about that size too. Sob.

  4. Eh Reza…since when you got a pet huh?

    Anyway, E…you wont believe this. We bought the same limited edition dinner table from IKEA and I was dying for that bookshelf (but in black) but financial constraints stopped me from buying it. Otherwise we would have the same kind of furnitures in our living/dining area. Hahaha!!!

  5. aaah eds, my kindred. now that you finally got your Expedit, we’re 2 lesbos of 1 heart. ha ha ha. except that mine now has a hole in the side, MEN!

  6. thegrouch

    machinist: rest in peace, hansen.

    bibi: i know about 5 other people who got the same table set. haha. as for expedits, me and a bunch of neighbours have the same. just look out your living room window. wherever there’s an IKEA nearby, uniqueness goes out the window.

    dali: cosmic, darling, cosmic. it’s your fault showing me how pretty your expedit looked like in your dubai apartment. i craved for one since then. now i want expedits everywhere.

  7. yeah man, support our local craftsmen I say

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