bright young thing

It was inevitable that with all that was going on in our lives at the moment, one or both of us would get sick. And we did. Stinky is only recovering from a 2 week long painful ordeal, while I was struck by what seemed to be chronic fatigue. We’re better now (a radical diet change on Stinky’s part and almost 18 hours sleep a day on mine) but it still takes an effort to have an interest in anything, or anyone for that matter.

With absolutely no original thought/ideas in mind (but still vain enough to want to blog), here are some articles and issues which were interesting enough to jog me out of this dumb fog.

You bet I cried, closet romantic that I am. It also made me angry. In an ideal world, what Kolsom had to go through would be history, a time when women were powerless over their fate. Unfortunately not much has changed in some parts of the world. Even in ours.

My parents’ house is a 5 minute walk away from a WWII memorial. As kids we would go to the place at dusk and scare ourselves silly. As teenagers, we would go to the place after midnight and still scare ourselves silly (slow learners 😀 ). Yet on occasion it is possible to visit the monument and feel the weight of history (re. the creeps). On certain days of the year, many families from overseas come and lay down flowers, photographs, candles. The numbers are less each year. It’ll be sad when there’s no one to remember the dead.

I really really loved this article by Beth Ditto. It articulates so much better than I ever could why I am not ready “to be responsible for another human being, from now until for ever”. Although my mom would never understand, and married friends who have/love/want kids would still do their darnedest to convince me otherwise, to be brutally honest, I am just too self-centred to want to be eternally responsible for a ‘lil one that might, just might turn out to be Jeffrey Dahmer or Aileen Wuornos. Maybe I’ll change my mind one day and y’all can have a field day screaming, “I told you so!” (bear in mind I will be ready for this and will have trained the ‘lil one to puke on demand), until then I guess I’ll just have to bear the know-it-all, annoying comments. Dudes, I can’t even take care of my pets without wanting to give them away at least once a day!

On a much more serious note, here’s some things you can do about the Burmese atrocity. 4th of October is International Bloggers’ Day for Burma. Thanks for the info, Abby.



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2 responses to “bright young thing

  1. Hope you and Stinky feel better now…

    I have been thinking of dropping by with a welcome basket but tak berkesempatan lagi. Btw, do come to my place during Raya, I’ll be celebrating in KL.

  2. thegrouch

    thanks, bibi. will do 🙂
    please jangan susah-susah with the basket.
    hope you’re having a great ramadhan at the new place!

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