It’s a very sad day when monastaries are attacked and peaceably demonstrating crowds are fired upon. Ato, I hope your family’s ok.


I really enjoyed this Q&A article with Arthur Frommer. I was especially tickled by his comment (about the biggest mistakes travellers make):

They fail to prepare themselves by delving deeply into the history and culture of the destination in advance of arriving. They wander as utter novices, unable to understand the sights and institutions brought to their attention. And all the lectured commentaries of their tour guide simply add to the confusion. Advance reading — a few nights at the library — is the key to a successful trip.

I’ve been on too many trips where travelling companions fail to prepare themselves adequately yet get all huffy (!) when they make gaffes and offend people, or maintain an arrogant, condescending attitude throughout the trip. I mean why travel right? I remember this nightmarish family on my Israeli trip, not only did they not bring the proper currency, they got very upset when the hole-in-the-wall money changer they went to in some Palestinian town didn’t have enough change for their gazillion dollar note. Don’t even get me started on the others who had no idea why the Wailing Wall was closed on Saturday.

And they made fun of me and my Lonely Planet book.

As y’all should have guessed by now, I luuuuurve food, and recently have become more interested in the ways and means it reaches our mouths. Here’s a nice article on two people whose recent food-related books I’ve enjoyed thoroughly: Michael Pollan and Barbara Kingsolver.

Happy weekend all. I’ll be spending mine at home curled up on the new sofa (yeay!) reading about Malaysia’s geology and oil & gas prospects for a paper. So not fun.



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2 responses to “posesif

  1. linn

    I do read Lonely Planet and other travel books before I go anywhere but then, infos don’t really get into my head. So I’ll just go & don’t expect anything. That’s wheennnnnn the adventure begins 😀

    Wailing wall closed on Saturday cuz its a Sabbath day?

    Happy weekend!!!

  2. thegrouch

    bingo, linn! 😀

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