I was driving when I had my first taste of this toffee brownie. I accidentally slammed on the brakes a nanosecond after. My brain just went dead with ecstacy.


Something the angels at Bisou call a Nutella cupcake. Repeat after me:


The Dark Secret cupcake. Yes, that really is all icing. Again, repeat after me:


Stinky and I are forever in debt to this nice lady (no, we don’t know her personally) for her post on brownies. Hands down, the best we’ve ever tasted and that’s saying a lot when you realise Stinky can never walk past a bakery that sells chocolatey stuff without sampling. Here’s another blog with more pics of Bisou’s goodness. I love you nice-unknown-ladies-who-share.



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4 responses to “bersandar

  1. linn

    E, sesungguhnye ko sungguh zalim kerana menayang2kan gambar2 makanan ketika kami (more like “saya”) kelaparan!

    Shall be crashing into that shop real SOON!

    Btw, me kemaruk nasi padang right now. Any suggestion on where to get sedap punya nasi padang? I know there’s 1 in Jln Sultan Ismail.

  2. the grouch

    My fave place for nasi padang is in Bangsar at Berjaya (same row as DHL and Pos Msia). it’s not the typical nasi padang you see in small dishes but the aunty who cooks the stuff calls it such and i’m not gonna argue with the master!
    yes, Sari Ratu on jln sultan ismail serves it. very nice but quite pricey IMHO.

  3. “My brain just went dead with ecstacy”….I like that line. It explains everything I wanted to know about how good that chocolatey thing is…Hmmmm.How could you,E. It’s the middle of Ramadhan. I’m goin’ home now.

  4. the grouch

    but nuaqe! i’m doing you a favour! think how good it’ll be to sink your teeth into the toffee brownies for iftar! 😀

    i’m going home too. right after a stop at bisou 😉

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