mini samosas

the old place

Just for old time’s sake, here’s a picture of the old place about 15 minutes before everything was cleared out. We hired professional cleaners to come in and clean Georgie’s black snot from the walls – all stains were George-height. Busted!


Just to spice things up a bit, here’s a pic of TechBoss#1’s finger. No, the metal rod isn’t there by accident. Surgeons put it in to correct a torn tendon. Long story. But the pic’s gross eh?

Went to SPCA yesterday to drop things off for their Jumble Sale next week. Once there, of course I went into a mad frenzy of sticker buying, conveniently forgetting we have ONE car so ONE sticker should have been enough. We also popped by the cats’ area – but not before swearing north east south west that we wouldn’t walk out with another one. Hey, maybe that’s how Angelina feels when she visits orphanages. Hahhaa…me and Angelina… HAHAHHAHA….

Since we were in the neighbourhood, we decided to go to my fave bakery and get some eclairs, exotic bread and pain au chocolat. They make killer pastries and I had eaten almost all of mine before I had walked out the door. I was fortunate enough to walk past a car that had a Holier-Than-Thou in it. The look on his face as he saw me licking chocolate off my fingers (I made sure he saw me drinking my 100Plus too) …. if looks could kill, I’d be dust molecules wafting around in space. Ah… KG-baiting* is the best sport ever.

*The goal of KG-baiting is to bring out the holier-than-thou tendencies of people. Extra points if they actually come up to you to rebuke you and you get to tell them how bloody wrong they are. Darn it. I need to get a life.



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2 responses to “mini samosas

  1. linn

    No, its not gross. Ia amat melemahkan jantung saya :-/
    Mana-mana you go, food must come along 😀

  2. thegrouch

    hahahhaha…hahahha…you’re so right, linn 🙂
    a blessed ramadhan to you.

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