fart attack!!

Hidey ho! We’ve moved. It was over in hours but now the real nightmare begins: unpacking and sorting out what goes where. The movers tried to help but I felt it was something we needed to do personally.

Speaking of movers, ours were awesome. They had everything packed any ready to go in less than 2 hours. An amazing feat when you factor in the fact that I have shitloads of junk. They were so fast they packed things they shouldn’t have i.e. our selipars (yes, we went barefoot), the kiddies’ food (they went hungry for a few hours), certain keys (some panicking for a bit) and my bag. It was our fault though. We’ll know better next time.

Living out of boxes at the moment. Man, I’ll be glad when everything’s put away. The hot water heater makes up for everything though. Gone are the 2 minute morning showers. It’s the works, baby!

This statement just makes me hopping mad. Eejit. I am so not voting for you (when I get registered). Haha.



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2 responses to “fart attack!!

  1. Dear Blogger,

    You and your site has been under surveillance by RMP for comments that are threats to national security. Please tone down or you’ll be summoned to Bukit Aman for further questionings.

    Thank You,

    p.s Do not forget to register and vote

  2. the grouch

    LOL. nuaqe, i just found this comment in my Spam inbox. you eejit! 😀

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