a letter to our home

After nearly 5 years, this will be the last night we’re spending in our current home. From 2 suitcases to 8 cubic metres of stuff. Thank you, Home. We’ve been happy, sad, scared, angry and a multitude of other emotions under your roof. All the kiddies first home was you. You were witness to many, many firsts.

We hope your next tenants will love you as much as we do. Good night and good luck.



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5 responses to “a letter to our home

  1. i loved it too.
    this is a beginning to more adventures!

  2. Yay! Neighbor moving in. Will probably drop by with a welcome basket filled with abundance of dates.

    Hope the move goes smoothly!

  3. thegrouch

    dali: come on over pronto!!! got water heater ok, no more freezing cold showers 😀

    bibi: thanks, thanks 🙂 . we’re pooped as hell but it’s good to be home.

  4. i am SO coming over next month. roll out the pink carpet!

  5. the grouch

    pink will not do. it’s gold with silver stars 😀
    oohhh…now i have an excuse to get a bunk bed for you!!

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