This morning at 0750 I suddenly felt extremely dizzy and the blinds on my window swayed side to side. I ran to Tech Boss#1’s office to see if I was nuts or had he felt it too. We both watched in fascination as his office door moved on its own accord and the rocks on his shelf jiggled. We later found out from the USGS that it was an earthquake in the vicinity of Kepulauan Mentawai Region, Indonesia. The original magnitude was 7.6 but they revised it later to 7.8. This was the longest tremor yet. We were standing around looking green for a full minute.

More tremors were felt at 1030 and 1130 but of lesser magnitude. Nobody felt anything either, but we couldn’t be sure as there were a lot of false alarms ever since the morning.

Our thoughts go to our Indonesian friends in the affected areas. Be safe. Our prayers are with you.


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