stop the dog hunt

I sent an email to friends yesterday about the Selayang Municipal Council organising a competition to catch stray dogs for money. Yep, you read that right. Catch strays and get money. I’m flabbergasted.

Please go here and sign the online petition to protest against this barbaric act. Those animals are out there because of our selfishness. Let’s not compound their miserable lives by endorsing a bunch of lunatics to run after them, very possibly get hurt, and then justify that these dogs are menacing. They are, but – this just isn’t the way to solve the problem.

Thanks to Mad About Labrador Retrievers for the continuous updates and news.

Thanks to all the people in my email list who took the time to sign the petition and email the newspapers. I know who you are 😉



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2 responses to “stop the dog hunt

  1. thank you for highlighting this matter… your support means alot to us and to the dogs…

  2. gladly.
    i hope the silent protest goes well. sorry i can’t make it.

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