grand drive

ouch. so expensive.

Yesterday Stinky and I went to Ipoh. We both love road trips. There’s something about setting off from home before the sun rises and seeing the dawn in some unfamiliar place. In our case yesterday, I think it was near Gopeng Bidor.

wah, so blue

I love the limestone formations near Ipoh. They signal that food is only another 45 minutes away! Or if you ate in Tapah, you just had some! Maybe one day I’ll go caving at Gua Tempurung. Or maybe not.

zhulian will rule the world

We found it hilarious that there were a million Zhulian billboards along the highway. We lost count after number 7. Some gold plated-laden makcik must have gotten kicks when she saw this masa balik kampung.

worth it

This was lunch. Locals call this joint Nasi Ganja. I had mutton, fish eggs, chicken and more gravy than I could handle. Stinky got the cucumbers. Hate cucumbers with rice.

long queues ok

The locals love nasi ganja. Look at the queues. Methinks some people took their lunch break extra early to beat the crowd. Naughty naughty.

old school

Inside the nasi ganja joint. I loved the atmosphere though I hate the uncle who wouldn’t tell me what type of meat I was pointing at for 5 minutes.

It turned out to be mutton.


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12 responses to “grand drive

  1. didcha get high? didcha? didcha?
    that gravy, omg. *slurp*

  2. i don’t think so. though i did fall asleep afterwards in the car. it’s a toss between the nasi ganja or the 2 scoops of BR31 ice cream i had for dessert 😀

  3. what IS the 31 after BR?
    more pics of Babeng! more! more! more!

  4. nuaqe

    Did ya stop in Tg. Malim for Pau???

  5. we were rushing back to KL to beat the rush hour traffic and we forgotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt 😦

  6. linn

    You forgot the pau! How could you?? *sobs together*
    I love road trips esp. bila nak berhenti for food. Wonderful!
    Haven’t tried the nasi ganja but look so sedap 🙂

  7. I know, Linn. Smack me 😀

  8. darth ili

    i had to drive after having nasi ganja ok. imagine how hard it was to stay awake. haih. but tht kedai nice kan. the shoplot next door’s wall is pretty cool for band shots. heee.

  9. thegrouch

    i suspected as much and that’s exactly why i volunteered to drive to ipoh but not back to kl 🙂

  10. OMG i saw the Zhulian billboards and wondered “Wah, they have so much money ah?”

  11. thegrouch

    nate, do not underestimate the buying power of gold-lovin’ makciks 😀
    even gold-plated jewelry is fair game.

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