impossible germany

One of the ways I stumble upon new bands to go gaga over is by searching and downloading cover versions of songs I already love. Sometimes it reacquaints me with bands or artistes I know and love already but forgot. A few memorable covers are Thirteen by Wilco, Ne Me Quitte Pas by Edith Piaf and the whole Detroit Cobras discography. A couple days ago I found Moonriver by The Innocence Mission and fell in love with them all over again.

I first heard of the band in 1995 when the movie Empire Records came out. Their song, Bright As Yellow was my favourite song in the soundtrack, beating even Gin Blossoms’ Til I Hear It From You. Over the years I sometimes see their albums being hawked in eBay but I always lost out to some bigger fan. Maybe I never tried hard enough, but after Moonriver and hearing a couple songs from their latest, We Walked In Song, I’m willing to fork out moolah, baby! (Note to Stinky: Buy me the album when you shop online today. Please 😀 )

I’ve been reading a lot of interesting articles online the last couple of days, but one that really caught my attention was the furore over Senator Craig’s arrest and very public career implosion on his alleged trolling for gay sex. Most publications reported with glee on the downfall and humiliation of IMHO a pompous politician, but trust the NYT for a very thought-provoking piece on the whole issue. Stinky and I had a heated discussion on the whole thing: yes, entrapment is legal but why does homosexuality and its mating ritual between 2 consenting adults fall under the illegal category therefore vulnerable to possible sting operations? And yes, I do believe that if Mr. Craig was signalling, the cop must have done something back, or else the poor dude would have just continued with his pooping. Tit for tat, quid pro quo and all that. Hah! I’m having a field day with italics and bold face. Oh and while we’re still on the matter, I thought it disgusting how fast his Republican friends dropped him. It’s not as if he solicited young boys, people. Or declare war on some foreign country for God knows what reason.

OK. I’ll get off my soap box now. It’s tiring pretending to be smart and articulate. Being intellectual is not one of my strong points. We’ll go back to discussing my bowel movements ASAP. Y’all must love me. Hahahaha…



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3 responses to “impossible germany

  1. nuaqe

    ‘Faggotness’ is more a donkeyish kinda thing. The ‘elephants’ are too conservative to accept alt. lifestyles…hehe

  2. it took me a whole minute to get over from WTF? to ohhhh ok… 😀

  3. nuaqe

    Hahaha…I Gotcha!!!

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