on and on and on

Gosh it’s Sunday. Where has the 3-day weekend gone? On Friday, Monday seemed so far away and easy to ignore. Now it’s mere hours away. Ugh.

Just finished vacuuming and mopping. It’s the second time in 5 days. A veritable record when you take into account my dismal housekeeping. It seems I’ve been on my hands and knees cleaning up ‘accidents’ all week long. Poop, pee, poop, pee…. it’s been one endless cycle. Toilet-training can be a killer.

I’m loving Wilco’s Sky Blue Sky. Just the thing for an alt-country fan like me.

My feel-good article of the day is about The Google Guy. You rock, dude.



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4 responses to “on and on and on

  1. nuaqe

    I think I can relate to ’em in one way or another. Hey E!Pass me that alt-country tune you’ve been listenin’ to…I need a new drug

  2. thegrouch

    sure thing, nuaqe. check your email early tomorrow morning for a yousendit.com link 😀

  3. nuaqe

    I think I like Wilco. They make some cool tunes that cater to my eardrums. Thanks for sharing,E.

  4. no problem! 😀
    i’m now wishing i have their older albums on hand. must get stinky to find them in his collection.

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