baby, i’m bad news


Last night Stinky and I watched a documentary about sexual abuse scandals in the Catholic Church. Deliver Us from Evil was hard to watch. You follow a group of abuse victims struggling to go on and make the best of things interspersed with clips of the (unrepentant IMHO) abuser and his sweep-everything-under-the-carpet superiors. By the time Mr. Jyono cries over the molestation, no rape, of his daughter, you cry too. And again when he, a staunch Catholic most of his adult life, says he can’t believe in God anymore.

And you wonder at the indifference of an institution you’ve been brought up to revere.


A colleague of mine moved in with her partner and they decided to get rid of some of their furniture. I bagged their wooden Indian coffee table which he bought in Dubai a few years ago. Another colleague bagged the Italian leather couches you see in the background. All in all, everything was a steal. The table was big and heavy as shit and stained a lovely, dark brown but best of all only cost one tenth of its original price. It’ll fit in nicely with the other wooden furniture we’ve already collected. Stinky has a shit fit everytime I blow a couple hundred bucks on furniture then settles down when he sees things correlating well. The poor darling.



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  1. thegrouch

    thanks 😀

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