and the sign said

Endured a 1.5 hour grilling by the client on my interpretation. It didn’t go too bad, I thought, except for a few hair-raising questions (How do you differentiate point bars from mouth bars? Crevasse splays from mouthbars? Tidal bars from uh… I forgot). Anyway the important thing is I got my invoice signed and the revenue recognised as part of this month’s pot of moolah. I’m so relieved I almost didn’t freak out that it took me almost 2 hours to get home. This even though I left the office at 5.15pm.

The plan for tonight is to read all my news feeds that have been mounting up since Tuesday. 957 in total. Now that’s a lot of news. Then I’ll snuggle down and reread an old D. Eddings book. I’m tempted to take a sleeping pill but I think I’ll save it for worthier nights. Tomorrow’s a busy busy day. Pedicure, groceries, checking the new place, buying cat food without bringing home a new dog too. Bring it on.

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