in my loudest tones

vertically challenged

My very last jelly bean fell on the floor. If Triplet#3 hadn’t been looking I’d have picked it up and applied the 5 second rule. Unfortunately he watched me till he was satisfied I threw the damn bean in the bin. There goes a perfectly good lime-flavoured jelly bean. My favourite flavour. Celaka. I should be completely shameless about my gluttony.

Extremely pooped. I’m fantasising going home tomorrow as soon as I deliver the prints and get the invoice signed. Until then however, I am stuck here trying to think up intelligent stuff to write in the report and inserting snapshots and diagrams to backup my interpretation. I dunno about you AA, but I can only say so much about channel-fills, crevasse splays and mouthbars before it becomes repetitive and downright pompous. The horrors of writing my undergrad thesis comes back to me each end of the month. Is it any wonder my hairdresser (new guy, his name is Chi) keeps trying to give my hair highlights?

Stinky’s dad is ok. I dunno the full details yet as Stinky’s text messages are never detailed enough for my liking. But the word ‘OK’ keeps popping up so I’ll take it at that. I’ve been worried sick.

I’m opting for professional movers to help us move. Or I will once I get the quotations in and see if it doesn’t kill me outright. I decided doing it ourselves was just too much on our already crazy schedule. A new multiwell project has just come in – something that will keep me occupied and crazy for the next 6 months. The fact that we’re lazy bastards doesn’t come into the equation at all. No sirree. Haha. Anyway, it’ll be a relief to delegate the back-breaking job to someone else and just oversee things. Delegate. Now that’s a word.

Planning to ask for a raise. I am however chickenshit when it comes to asking for money and is desperately hoping that HR will implement an adjustment before I do.


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