jauh perjalanan

puffer fish

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8.55pm. Pooped again. Only a couple more hours till Friday’s deadline and my report is far from done. Sigh. Month in month out. I hate these artificial revenue deadlines. Sure, if the client wants something urgent, then you bend over backwards for them, but killing yourself so that revenue will be recognised in a certain month?
Maybe that’s why I’m not manager material.
Wardrobe will be installed this Friday. All major defects have been sorted out too. Water heater up and running (sorry, Al). I should be a happy camper yet all I can think about is Stinky’s pop in hospital and the fact that I can’t even go and offer any support. Sucks I tell ya.
Only getting a dog (Little Jurassic to be precise) will ever make me smile again *hint*.



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2 responses to “jauh perjalanan

  1. linn

    Oh..hope Stinky’s pop is okay. Lots of prayers for him 🙂

    Do you get enough sleep and food? Wait, you do get enough food but sleep? Rest?

    I’m here on wordpress but very much clueless how to use this thing :-/ meeps!

  2. thanks very much, linn, and i hope you’re doing ok yourself.

    i always, ALWAYS get enough food :D. it’s sleep and rest that’s harder to get enough of. i try to ganti balik on weekends but i’m usually not that lucky.

    WP is nice! i don’t regret moving from blogger at all.

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