let me take your photo

I’m still bummed over not getting little Jurassic/Meatball/Tabasco/Eocene/Oolithic (names I wanted to give her vs. Stinky’s L’Quisha) so I changed the header on this blog from the previous dog-themed one. Sedih ok?


It’s 1921 on a Monday evening and I’ve been working since 0730. Pretty pooped if I say so myself. I’m thinking of going downstairs and ordering a nice meal of grilled lambchop. Then I remembered the expression on this hot chick’s face as she looked at me happily licking my Old-fashioned Butter Pecan from BR31 as I did my groceries….. she couldn’t have looked more condescendingly disgusted if I had walked around with my neon green and yellow striped knickers showing above my already high-waisted Ah Pek shorts. Bitch. Now I want that grilled lambchop even more.

By the way, that new header pic? That’s a picture of bonafide dino tracks (pen as scale)! Awed doesn’t even begin to describe my feelings when I touched the fossilised tracks and followed it to the end. Dinosaur tracks. And I was there.



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10 responses to “let me take your photo

  1. Linda

    You know…I have a dinasaur bone..and a piece of eggshell from a dinosaur egg 🙂 Oh, and just to clarify..when I say dinosaur bone, I don’t mean the thigh bone of a T-rex…I mean a small piece of bone, the size of half a banana.. I got it in Southern England when I was there on a university field trip. We were all hung over (what’d u expect…we’re norwegians) when we got to this dino place/museum/dig out site early morning. Everyone was just wondering around looking for places to sleep, while I on the other hand was following the dino-experts and asking lots of questions. When our bus was about to leave – I was about to climb into it as a matter of fact – one of the experts came running after me and said that he wanted me to have something…and thats how I got that piece of dino-bone. 🙂

    linda, you dunno how much i hate you right now. i don’t even wanna ask what dinosaur the bone came from. i don’t even wanna know which dinosaur egg the shell came from. ooohhh… no more USB cable loans and knackerbrod 😀

  3. Linda

    What? No more Knekkebrod? Maybe I should call my mum and have her ship The Bone from Norway to KL..then perhaps I could use The Bone to get my way with you… :-p

  4. hahahhahaa….
    your dino bone or your lunch! you decide 😀

  5. Linda

    Impossible trade-off. No can do! Maybe you could borrow it once in a while? 😉

  6. just let me touch it and i’ll be your knackerbrod supplier for life.

  7. nuaqe

    Stop it,you two!And get back to work…

  8. look who’s back! dude, i owe you 2 CDs. next week, ok.

  9. Linda

    I’m so disappointed that diet coke and mentos never create a fizzy explosion in my mouth…

  10. eejit! 😀
    next time i steal you some sour candy from the REs and then we talk about explosions ok?

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