one hand in my pocket

Tomorrow is Alif’s birthday party. That fact has been recorded in my organiser, my phone AND my online calender. I haven’t been this excited over a party in a long time. The realisation that I’ll prolly be the only above-20 adult unmarried and childless (or is that childless and unmarried?) doesn’t pooper my party at all. You see, Mike has promised me unlimited Whoppers and a rigged musical chairs game. Haha. All hail the unbeatable musical chairs champion.

Stinky and I bought Alif a set of wooden blocks which is set in a trolley. I initially wanted to get him a stuffed horse’s head on a stick so he can pretend to be riding or play Cowboys & Indians with his parents, but Stinky said it was too gruesome for a 2 year old. Pah! What does he know. Modern 2 year olds are scarier than any stuffed horse’s head.

Stinky is away this weekend. I just know the cats will pretend they see something in the corner at 0300 and scare the bejesus outta me.

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