kini sudah terang

at the crest of the ridge

My hiking buddies. 

Barely alive after the punishing 4 hour hike up the quartz ridge. Shouldn’t have attempted it in such poor condition, but there you go. In the face of fun, rocks and friends, I was abandoned by my Capricornian sensibilities. I would have turned back after the first 10 minutes of a totally 60 degree crawl up an incline but my new friend Michel would have none of it. He held my hand and wouldn’t let go. Ahhh… the joys of having a 60 year old being fitter than you and having to pull you along. I love Lil even more now too – she kept pretending she was tired and walked slowly ahead of me. This is Lil we’re talking about: the robot who went caving with us and didn’t suffer aching muscles (AND WENT TO THE GYM THE NEXT DAY) like the other 30 odd participants.

Anyway, at home now. Can’t feel much for the painkillers, thank gosh. Tried lying down for an hour but sheer poopedness prevented me from falling asleep. I just hope I don’t suddenly fall asleep drooling and twitching at the Sin Chew forum later. That would make me marvellously popular with Stinky’s friends from court.

Tomorrow and the day after is gonna be hell.


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