jam tarts & milk

The lights, fans and AC have been installed. I have grave doubts over the light fixture we bought for the main bedroom but Stinky insists it’s fine. Hmm… time will tell. It was thrilling flipping switches and seeing things work. For the longest time there was no visible improvement to the place.

I finally bought myself The Joy of Cooking, something I wanted for a long time. I can’t wait to get started on some of the recipes. I decided not to get an oven (yet). My mom assures me the newfangled pot the folks are getting me for a housewarming present works like an oven. I really hope so. Then again if the pot doesn’t live up to its promises, I have a valid excuse to get an oven and remodel the kitchen. Built-in microwaves and ovens have always been a dream of mine. Haha.

The war between Stinky and I over which posters to get framed and hanged is still going on. He thinks all his Cassavetes posters deserve the honour, I say hah! to that. In retaliation he says the In the Mood for Love poster I love (soundtrack, not movie) is too cheesy. Ah well, we all know I’ll win in the end, but it’s entertaining to see him get all riled up over his poster collection.

I’ve decided to go on the hike tomorrow morning. God help me.


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