waltz #1 for abby

Boss#3 finally left for Rio last week. The whole team was pretty down, but we did it discreetly. Takut the new Boss#3 (aka Boss#3.1) kecil hati.

Boss#3.1 is OK. We’re still getting used to his way of doing things and mannerisms, at the same time trying to initiate him into our own routine and habits. There’ve been several clashes already, mostly on technical matters, but so far everything has been civil. Fingers crossed that it remains that way. I guess my biggest complaint is how he cranks up the AC to maximum and still whines that the office is too hot. My sweater, shawl and gloves must be invisible.

Whenever I get my period, I become a total garbage can. Not the best of things to be when you’re fat, and oh yeah, if you have a sensitive tummy. Today I ate a bowl of cereal, a cup of oats, 5 sandwiches, 1 wrap, 1 bag of wasabi chips, 1 chicken nugget, 3 pieces of chocolate and a handful of jellybeans. All this while praying I don’t get sick and lose the 60K job I’m working on. Sigh.

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